The multifunctional Cuscino collection

Flexible and multifunctional pieces of furniture are always fun and practical. We usually manage to find them in the form of cabinets or chairs. This is a collection called Cuscino and it features modular elements that can be combined or used as such in the living room, bedroom or anywhere else.

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The Cuscino collection includes an easy chair and B.O.P. which stands for Bench, Ottoman, Pouf. The pieces were inspired by vintage luggage trunks but the designer decided to give them a modern touch. The result was a perfect combination between tradition and modernity in the form of these comfortable and versatile pieces of furniture.

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Cuscino bop black strapsView in gallery

The Cuscino products are quite big in terms of proportions. Of course, they are available in a variety of sizes and they can be combined, revealing their multifunctional side. The pieces are very functional and unique. They are available with natural or custom eco stained leather straps.

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They are very comfortable thanks to the internal padding consisting in a sandwich foam density to give both comfort and support. Because the collection is basically made of one single item replicated in different sizes and used all over again to form new models, the resulting products are very flexible and versatile. You can get a comfortable sofa for your living room and if you add an extra element you’ll get a nice bed where you can relax. You can use the B.O.P. as an extra seat whenever you need one.Available for $1750.