The Most Luxurious Hotel in Canada

If you someday find yourself at an important business meeting in Toronto, Canada and you don`t know where to stay, we recommend the most luxurious Hotel in the country. Owned by the billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump, this amazing building was designed by the employees of the Zeidler Partnership Architects firm, and completed in 2010, the Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto is also the tallest building in Canada with 57 floors.

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This amazing five star Hotel`s cost was $ 500 million and it has 118 luxury residences and 261 hotel guest rooms and suits. Imagine the amount of people this Hotel can guest. And the benefits of staying at this hotel are so amazing as well. You just have to let your trip in the hands of the employees of this luxurious place. With this elegant design, the quality of services and amazing surroundings, this Hotel is the perfect place for business men that are very stressed at their job and want to take advantage of the few days spent here.

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Designed with residential floors that have only from four to six rooms per floor, and with secure private elevators, here is the place to stay if you want privacy and luxury. And, each floor has a benefit. For example, the big windows at the 13th floor lets you look at the sky. The last four floors have each a penthouse with amazing rooms, libraries, galleries and terraces. They also have a luxurious Presidential Suite, with a Conference Room, that looks extraordinary.

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And there are more other benefits of staying here. They have an amazing restaurant where you can find all types of food, a two-level spa and fitness center and a heated indoor aquatic facility with natural light. That`s not all, also offers guests and residence a luxurious chauffeur that drives a Mercedes S Class or an equivalent car. Where could you find more luxury than here?