The Monolito carbon fiber table by Jules Sturgess

More recently, designers started to experiment with carbon fiber and to use it to create spectacular pieces of furniture. There are several such creations and Monolito is one of them. Also, called Megalito, this is a table of impressive dimensions. It has been created by British designer Jules Sturgess and it has a futuristic design.

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The Monolito table is an impressive piece of furniture with a simple but very eye-catching design. The designer used carbon fiber to create this unique piece and adopted a minimalist, asymmetrical design. The most interesting part about this dining table is the fact that it has only one leg. Nevertheless, it’s a very well-balanced, sturdy and strong piece of furniture. It’s a piece of furniture that apparently defies the laws of physics. However, it’s this very flexible and strong material that allows it to adapt this unusual design.

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The Monolito dining table measures 12 feet long and it has only one leg. It features a simple but dramatic design with very visible angles and a huge slab that keeps it stable. An obtuse angle separates the base and the top providing enough stability for the whole structure. Another very interesting detail is the fact that the table becomes very narrow towards the end until it’s only 5 mm thick. The design of the table is very impressive but so is the price. The Monolito table costs $50,500 and it’s a limited series with only 25 pieces.