The modular scaffolding by Maria Yasko

If you are looking to add an attractive look to your living room, then I suggest a decorative wall shelf.Depending on the size of the wall and the location in the room, you might want to install multiple shelves on the same wall in different sizes and levels. The modular scaffolding by Maria Yasko gives a minimal look and a comfortable feel to the bedroom.

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Wall shelving1

It combines many shelves that you can use for storing books or other items in a natural way, by linking their edges with rounded ends and assembling them together in a very well designed way, as the designer intended this modular scaffolding to look like a ladder or a scaffolding or even a tree, hiding the original design of a number of shelves behind this unusual stylized design.Goa bit further and add some very inspired wall stickers with futuristic trees or something similar and you will see that your living room has already changed its appearance totally.{ found on behance }