The Modern Nautilus Project by Design Spirits

If you intend to choose a restaurant for a business meeting or a romantic dinner, the first things that you will look for will be privacy, comfort and quality services.

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The Nautilus Project is a wonderful, modern restaurant, designed by Design Spirits. It is located in Singapore, situated on the fourth floor of the ION shopping centre.Its entrance is not a common one because the designers gave up of using the doors or other dividers and both sides of the passage way for the entrance are curved inward towards the middle so that the access should be more easy and attractive.

The atmosphere is warm, intimate and attractive. Wood seems to dominate the whole interior. There is wood parquet on the floor which is doubled by the same nuance and design for the ceiling.

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The intimacy and privacy are assured by the existence of some wood dividers or walls which also create separated areas. There are many holes and LED lighting cuts into the walls which create a modern design and a beautiful ambiance. The tables of the restaurant and the bar chairs are made of the same light brown wood which dominates the whole space and creates this warm atmosphere.