The modern Minimum recliner sofa bed

This is the Minimum sofa bed. It’s a very lovely and very comfortable piece of furniture. It features a minimalistic design and in this case the name couldn’t be more appropriate. It’s the type of sofa you expect to see in contemporary homes, the kind that have a fresh and very casual interior design. Even though it seems like a contemporary piece of furniture I would rather say that it has an eclectic style.

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It’s minimalistic and it has that casual look that most modern products have but, in the same time, it features some details on the upholstery that seem to be a little more traditional, the type that we see in old furniture. The combination is not bad. It’s bold and creative and it goes really well with the design of the sofa. The Minimal sofa bed features an elegant and light metal frame that is both delicate and strong. It has flat chrome legs, elegant but also durable. The bed size is 140 x 200 cm. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that can be used both as a sofa and a bed.

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There are actually three positions that you can adopt. There’s the sofa position, the relax position and the bed position. There are also 4 level of head elevation available. The frame of the Minimal sofa bed features a mat black finish with 9 mm laminated beech-wood slats and with anti-glide and chrome legs. The upholstery is very soft and comfortable and a soft bedding box is included and can be mounted under the seat.From innovation.