The Modern Fraser Residence in Ottawa

The Fraser Residence is a modern home with a beautiful exterior design. The team responsible for this was from Christopher Simmonds Architect. They completed the construction of the house in January 2011 so it’s almost time to celebrate the one-year anniversary. The residence is located in a beautiful are of Westboro Village, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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It’s a lovely urban house with a sculptural exterior design. It’s composed of juxtaposing volumes and interweaving spaces, a characteristic of modern designs. This beautiful single family home features a large living area inside, filled with natural light and connected to the outdoor areas. Since the site was not perfectly flat but rather inclined, the architects managed to take advantage of that and incorporated the garage into the lower level of the house. By doing that they also managed to expand the porch.

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As for the color and materials used, the exterior is a combination of earth-toned bricks, stained cedar and dark bronze aluminum, all elements that together form a contrasting and beautiful façade. The neutral palette of colors used for the exterior can also be seen inside, but with more vibrant nuances. This positions this house into a more traditional context. However, the neutral palette of colors together with the dark oak floors and contrasting white surfaces also make this home modern and chic.{found on archdaily}