The Modern Floating Bed from Alf Group of Italy

If you are soon going to be looking for bedroom furniture , you should look for a suspend platform bed. The Alf Group of Italy made official a collection which also features a wall mounted storage drawer set to increase the idea of a suspended bedroom.

suspended platform bed alf group italy
italian bedroom furniture alf group italy

How cool would it be to have a floating bed? This one looks just like it’s a suspended above the floor, with nothing holding it. You might wake up in the middle of the night thinking that aliens have come to abduct you but it’s going to be just a dream, hopefully. It doesn’t matter what you tastes and style are, this bed is not about style or trends, it’s about this very cool feature that really makes it special and distinctive. So if you really want something original, that nobody else has( except for the other ones who have already bought this bed), you should really consider this option. It’s not like floating beds can be seen anywhere.{found on furniturestoreblog}