The Modern Crab Creek House by Robert M. Gurney

This contemporary architectural structure is located in Annapolis, Maryland. The house was designed by architect Robert M. Gurney.Even though it might seem like a new construction, the house was actually built on the foundation of an already existing structure that dated back to the 1960s. Strict environmental regulations prohibited the owners to further enlarge the pre-existing footprint or to add significant square footage to the house.

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The owners had to work with what they had and try to adapt their vision to the already existing foundation. They had to work with the architect in order to come up with a design that pleased both the owners and the requirements of the site. The house is organized around a linear and from there additional areas go all over the place.

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The interior of the house is modern, simple and stylish. There is white oak flooring throughout the whole house in combination with and millwork, black slate, white marble, rusted steel and translucent glass.

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These would be the major materials used for the construction. In addition, for the exterior of the house there has also been used field stone, bound-formed concrete, bluestone and ground-faced blocks. The colors sued for the exterior are a combination of beige and soft brown that work very beautifully together. The same colors have also been used for the swimming pool.{found on architezer}