The modern Chiave di volta sectional bookcase

Bookcases are very functional pieces of furniture and they can successfully be used in both private homes and work spaces. The Chiave di volta bookcase is even more practical since it can also be used as a room divider. The bookcase features a minimalist design. It has a very simple frame with four elegantly curved shelves. The curvature of the shelves is a unique detail that gives the bookcase personality as well as a distinguished and modern look.

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The Chiave di volta bookcase was designed for Dieffebi. It’s a modern piece of furniture and it’s mostly for offices and work areas. It can be successfully integrated in private homes as well. It would look wonderful in the living room or dining room and it’s a great storage unit for books but not only. The bookcase has an elegant and minimalist design. It;s crafted from sturdy and durable wood and it features an elegant black finish. Its matte appearance makes it even more noticeable and stylish.

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In offices or work areas, the bookcase can be used to store books, documents and other items. It can also serve as a beautiful display area. However, the curvature of the shelves limits the uses of this piece of furniture. It’s such a small and insignificant detail and yet it makes a huge different and completely changes the whole design. The materials and the elegant matte black finish also contribute to the overall distinguished look of the bookcase. It’s a very beautiful and versatile piece of furniture. Multiple bookcases can be used together to form a wall unit or to serve as room dividers.