The modern, blue Elise ottoman

Whenever you need an additional seating, an ottoman is usually anyone’s first choice. Ottomans have become an almost indispensable piece of furniture is the house just because it’s so versatile. In some cases, they also act as decorative units.

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The Elise ottoman is especially beautiful because it has a simple but delightful design. This modern tufted ottoman provides extra seating whenever you need one and it’s rather small so it’s also easy to store or just fit under a table for example when not needed. It has a simple design, with a white background and contrasting buttons and welt that only add more charm to this beautiful piece.

The Elise ottoman has a wood frame made of furniture-grade hardwood so it’s durable and sturdy. The frame has then been wrapped in linen/rayon upholstery that makes this piece soft and comfortable. The blue Elise ottoman measures 28″Dia. x 33″T and it can be bought for the price of $599.00. It’s not only practical and handy but it also makes a beautiful decoration for the home. An ottoman is just the thing you need when you want to add some color or a particular style to your interior décor. It’s such a versatile piece of furniture and, even though it’s not purely decorative it definitely contributes to the charm of the décor.