The Modern B Flat Sofa by Andreas Berlin

This modern and stylish creation is B flat. It’s an elegant sofa that was designed by Andreas Berlin back in 2005. It has a very clean and transparent design resembling a puzzle where every piece fits perfectly. It’s also the lowest sofa in the Leolux collection.

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The B flat sofa features, as expected, a flat back. This makes the design become very transparent and it also helps solve the comfort issue. It’s a great example of how style and function can coexist without having to sacrifice anything. In fact, if anything this is a design that comes very close to perfection. Moreover, to make things even betterm the back of the sofa is adjustable. If used in the standard position the user can enjoy a casual seat.

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The sofa also offers the option of adjusting or lifting the back in order to obtain the right level of comfort needed. The back ca be lifted in small steps to its round base.I particularly like the way all the mechanisms and the hardware have been hidden. The design is very simple and very clean, with clear and delicate lines. The sofa has an aluminum subframe available in two heights. The rest is made of solid beech and wood based board. The B flat sofa comes in either gray or black.