The minimalist Vika Veine table top from IKEA

As usually, IKEA is a great source to go to when you need a simple and yet functional piece of furniture. Known for their vast selection of minimalist designs and ingenious storage solutions, IKEA still manages to impress us once more with this wonderful creation. The Vika Veine table top is a very simple product, with a minimalist design, a compact look and not even a single detail on its surface. The smooth, clean and clear surface however reveals a hint that lets us know that it actually offers more than it lets us see.

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The Vika Veine table top is indeed hiding something. It was designed to be used with the top lifted at 90+degrees. This means that the surface you see at first is not the surface you’ll be working on. The lid can be lifted and it reveals a hidden compartment. The work surface is just as simple as the surface of the table top and it’s actually the other side of the lid that hides a secret. Its interior is lined in felt and it was designed to absorb sound, a feature that can be very useful.

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The table top is made of particleboard, ABS plastic and foil and the side panel is moisture-resistant MDF. Its dimensions are 39’’ width, 23 5/8’’ depth and 4 3/8’’ height. It features a series of cable outlets and compartment in the back that keep the cords and cables out of sight, neatly organized and yet close at hand. The spring hinges allow the lid to be closed gently and silently and pockets from the interior of the lid feature paper holders that allow you to keep your workspace clean and organized. The table top features pre-drilled holes for the legs.Available for 99$.