The minimalist Mass Light NA6 by NORM architects

This minimalist and very stylish indoor pendant lamp was designed by NORM architects in 2012. It’s a part of the Mass Light Collection and it has a very interesting design. During their travels, the creators of this beautiful pendant lamp were always fascinated by street lamps. They liked their simplicity and the way the cast iron top was complemented by the opaque glass sphere. They decided to use that exact image to create a delicate pendant lamp for indoor use. This way people would be able to enjoy the beauty of street lamps in the calmness of their homes.

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Designers Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen used the street lamp as inspiration and managed to transfer its characteristics, including the shapes and combinations of materials, into a different design with a different use. The result was this beautiful pendant lamp called Mass Light NA6. The Mass Light Collection includes similar pieces with the same delicate simplicity and minimalist design.

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This particular indoor pendant has a structure very similar to that of the outdoor street lamps. It’s made from brown marble and opal glass. The designers wanted to create a lamp made from natural stone that could be used in any environment.
The choice of materials is quite uncommon but it’s a homage to the elements that inspired this design. Moreover, these are top quality materials that provide durability. The designers also used the same creations to form a chandelier for those who wish to illuminate larger areas. Both the pendant lamp ad the chandelier are minimalist but elegant and stylish.