The minimalist Daiana floor lamp by SoupStudio

This is Daiana, an interesting and intriguing floor lamp. It was designed by Milan-based Italian designer group SoupStudio. It was founded by Martino Cabassi, Davide Magni, Carlo Tartaglia and Davide Valtorta and it always comes up with interesting new ideas.The Daiana floor lamp has a very simple shape and design. It’s not the shape that was meant to impress. If you look carefully you’ll notice that the lamp seems to be upside down. This is actually the whole idea behind this project. The upside down lamp introduces a very simple and very interesting concept. As opposed to traditional lamps, in this case it’s the stem that glows and the shade that serves as a table and support.

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The Daiana floor lamp has an unusual design. It’s not the design that is actually strange but the way it was used. The lamp is actually a classic piece with a classic design. The only thing that makes it so special is the fact that it’s used upside down. The Daiana floor lamp would definitely make an unusual and intriguing decoration for any home.

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The fact that it’s so simple and classic makes it very versatile and easy to integrate in any type of décor. It can make a beautiful and interesting addition to a minimalist and modern home, to a contemporary home, to a colorful and playful décor or to a luxurious and sophisticated home. Wherever you put it, it has the same effect.