The minimalist Cascade laptop table

Simple and sleek, the Cascade laptop table is basically a small desk mounted on the wall. It was designed to serve as a space-saving laptop table/desk and it has the ability of being extremely versatile from more than just one point of view.First of all, the table is a combination of old and new elements. It’s made from rustic materials but has a modern shape and design. This makes it easily suit at least two contrasting styles.

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Moreover, the table/desk is very simple and features a neutral finish so that it would fit in a variety of decors and would match and complement any color. Then there’s also the advantage related to size. Because of its small dimensions, it can be mounted on the wall anywhere there’s some free space. It can also be attached to any other straight surface.

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The table was designed by MFEO. It’s a piece that allows you to save useful space and it has a system that allows it to be installed at any height you like. It’s attached to a wood panel and also features a polished nickel cage lamp controlled by a rotary switch. It can be easily accessed from behind the unit and it makes a great improvised and space-saving work space. The desktop is made of walnut and the overall dimensions of this piece are 64.5″h x 18.25″w x 15.5″d. You can buy it for $895.00.