The minimalist and versatile Second Light collection

The Second Light is a set of two lighting fixtures designed by Vondom. These are basically light bulbs but they have an interesting and unusual look, like they’ve been reinvented. Manufactured in polyethylene and stainless steel, the bulbs are water resistant and this increases their versatility. Given this particularity, you can use this collection both indoors and outdoors. The simplicity of the design also adds to the versatility and beauty of the light features.

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The design is very simple. Shapes like an incandescent light bulb, the pieces of this set have a stainless steel base and a minimalist and chic design. It’s definitely not the type of light fixture you can use as an accent piece in a room. The Second Light set was designed to impress with its extreme simplicity and to stand out with its familiar form but modern approach. The materials that were used to fabricate them allow the two creations to be lightweight, water-resistant and very chic.

The Second Light

The pieces are available in two sizes. You can purchase the version that measures 37.5 x 50 cm or the bigger one with the dimensions of75 x 100 cm. use it either indoors, in your living room, home office, kitchen or any other space or use it outdoors where it would look just as nice in a modern or contemporary space. The Second Light collection also allows you to choose from a variety of colors that include ice, blue ice, green, red, orange and lemon.