The Milly Kitchen from Stosa Cucine

Nowadays kitchens are modern and simple. They are now modular, meaning that you would rather have more units of furniture rather than a whole body that is bolted to the wall. These separate modules are spread through the kitchen and the main one is usually placed in the middle of the kitchen, making a kind of separation between the cooking area and the rest of the room where you can have a sitting area or have lunch or dinner. Any way, this very nice-looking kitchen is manufactured by Stosa Cucine, Italy and it is modern and simple, yet very shiny and practical.

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What’s unique about this kitchen furniture is the fact that it has a nice base made of brushed metal. All the storing units open their doors smoothly, without any visible handles. This makes the kitchen very simple and nice, without any unnecessary adornments. There are wall cabinets and also the central piece with the kitchen sink and the counter and also some nice shelves where you can deposit anything you want. The wall cabinets feature nice glass fittings that you can choose from various models from mirror, transparent to floral patterns. Everything is very well designed and thought to store all the necessary utensils, so that nothing will stay out of place.

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