The Metropolitan Chair and Ottoman by Jeffrey Bernett

When creating a piece of furniture, designers usually focus on the looks. It’s a very important factor because an appealing product is more likely to be bought and appreciated by costumers. However, a beautiful piece of furniture that offers no comfort is useless. The best way is to combined both those elements and make them work together. It’s what Jeffrey Bernett did when designing the Metropolitan chair and ottoman for B&B Italia.

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Featuring similar designs these two pieces of furniture work great together. The Metropolitan chair is very comfortable. It has an inviting design and a high back that offers the comfort we all seek. The Metropolitan collection was created in 2003. The swivel armchair is both sophisticated and casual and it has a very simple design. The high back is a great touch and the neck rest is held in place with magnets, making the chair adjustable for people of all heights. The seat has an uninterrupted shape and it lows into the armrest creating a continuous line.

Metropolitan chair with ottomanView in gallery

The Metropolitan chair offers a truly unique seating experience and it’s wonderful for relaxation. Also, the matching ottoman is the perfect touch when you want some extra comfort and support. Moreover, the ottoman is both functional and stylish. It has a double function and it serves both as a comfortable seat or support for the legs and as a chic accessory for the home. The Metropolitan chair and ottoman were designed to look inviting from any direction.