The Metal Umbrella clock

Time is relative. However, measuring time is an exact science. So you can rely on your senses when you need to get to a meeting for example because you’ll probably be late. That’s why clocks are so useful. They are also very common. Everyone has at least one in their home. This means that it’s hard to be impressed by a design when there are so many.

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However, this particular design from Opal Clocks is not something that you see every day. It has a very distinguished look and it’s more than just a useful item that helps you tell time. It’s a very beautiful decorative piece as well. What’s interesting about it is that.The actual mechanism is very small and placed in the middle while twelve satellites are placed around it. These satellites are the replacements of numbers. This means you’ll have to spend a little more time before you can be sure that you have the right time but you’ll get used with it very quickly.

This Metal Umbrella is a very modern approach to the traditional clock. It’s a more playful design that also makes this old piece more attractive. The clock is made of metal and it has chrome hands. It’s available for EUR 73.08. It would be a very nice addition to a modern or contemporary home.