The metal-paneled Spitfire Desk

Even though it might not seem very impressive at first, this desk has a unique and quite unusual design. It’s called Spitfire and it’s a piece of furniture has a design inspired by the mid-20th century aircraft with the same name. The similarities between the two might not be immediately apparent but the symbolism is very strong.

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The Spitfire Desk can be purchased at the price of $1,799.00 and it’s made on special order only. It has a very simple design and a minimalist shape. The desk is made of solid wood but it’s been entirely covered with metal panels so it has a rather deceptive look. The panels have been riveted together in order to create an apparently random patchwork effect. The exposed steel screws are a clever accent feature. The panels are made of aluminum and have a matte finish with a slightly distressed finish that creates a vintage look.

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The desk, just like the aircraft that inspired its designer, has an aerodynamic structure and a built-in structure that helps the user manage the wires. To create an intentional vintage and authentic look, the desk features nicks, digs and small scratches usually perceived as imperfections. In this case they add character and charm to the desk, making each piece a unique item. The dimensions of the Spitfire desk are 77w 40d 31h and, in terms of design, there are no two identical ones.