The Maddox armchair

Usually a piece of furniture is either traditional or modern. There are however some exceptions. The Maddox armchair is one of them. Featuring a look that combines elements of modern and traditional design, the Maddox chair is a unique piece of furniture. In fact, it has a design similar to that of the classic Malcolm Dining Chair, of course with original details.

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Some of these details are the subtle ornamental gold studs and hand-tufted buttons that can’t go unnoticed. As for the materials, you can choose from either acrylic, wood, or steel legs. Combine them with your choice from a wide range of upholstery fabrics and you’ll a unique armchair. The frame is made of wood. There are other optional details that you can choose from like for example button tufting, decorative brass studs, and Swarovski crystal accents.

Maddox Armchair

The dimensions of the Maddox chair are 25″ x 21″ x 45″ (64.10cm x 53.85cm x 115.38cm). As for the fabric, you can choose from the standard fabric options or the additional ones for an extra charge. With such a distinguished design, he Maddox chair will definitely become a focal point of attention in nay home. This also means that it could be difficult to match it with other pieces of furniture. In the right décor, the Maddox chair will definitely stand out.Price available on request here.