The luxurious Versace Vanitas chair

If you like to feel stylish and luxurious when you go out then you probably want to feel the same way when you’re home. Versace now offers you the opportunity to do that with their beautiful creation, Versace Vanitas. It’s a luxurious piece of furniture with a very distinguished look that will inevitably become the center of attention in your home. It’s a great piece for a focal point.

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Versace Vanitas is a stylish chair that was designed by the late Gianni Versace in 1994. It expresses the true style that Versace continues to offer. It’s a very glamorous, stylish and opulent piece of furniture and because of that it’s also very hard to include it almost any type of interior décor. With such an eye-catching piece, the rest of the décor should be as simple as possible as not to tire the eye by creating multiple focal points.

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The Versace Vanitas chair is a piece of furniture worthy to be used by the members of the royal family. It will make you feel like the queen/king of your castle. Of course, such unique items always come with a price. In this case the price is EUR 4,160. Another interesting thing is that Versace Home is offering for the first time a piece of furniture for sale on their e-commerce site. It’s a rare opportunity so go for it.