The luxurious Residence near Brooklyn Heights

This old 1880’s residence that was above a garage at the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights is wonderfully renovated into a 4 bedroom residence with 3.5 bath and one car garage. The interior was turned into a loft like structure with an industrial touch. There is an added rear courtyard along with a small guesthouse and a storage space. The window systems are made out of steel and glass with claddings made out of red bricks.


It’s a very large residence with a lot of rooms. It’s more than you need for an average family. And since it was renovated it has a more modern look but preserving the elegance and style of the old structure. It’s a great place for a family home  The location is great and convenient and it’s a very luxurious place that offers you everything you need and more. The pictures speak for themselves.



The residence even has a yard where the owners can enjoy a nice relaxing time, admiring the surroundings or having dinner, breakfast or enjoying a nice cold drink or a cup of coffee. Everything tastes better when you’re outside. It’s a stylish and elegant residence that has the potential of making a really nice home. It has a very imposing exterior design but on the inside it looks very friendly and welcoming.