The luxurious Le Bleu villa

Located in Little Harbor, Anguilla, Caribbean, Le Bleu is a fabulous villa and a wonderful vacation destination. The villa has 10 bedroom, 10 bathrooms and a large outdoor pool. The Le Bleu villa sits on a 2.5 acre site and it’s surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens.The villa has a large open-floor plan living area and 10 beautiful and inviting bedrooms. It also features two swimming pools and a small beach, a beach pavilion, a tennis court, a gym a cinema and a water garden.

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It’s a spacious and modern property that offers wonderful views of the sea. Le Bleu is actually the name of this accommodation that includes two facilities: Le Bleu and Petite le Bleu. These volumes are connected by the landscaped pathways.

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There’s a series of communal living and entertainment areas located on the upper level of Le Bleu. You can access this volume through the water garden and the master staircase. Clients have the opportunity to use both properties and to have a 19-bedroom luxury resort. Also, the staff is experienced in working across both properties. Each bedroom has its own name and theme.

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The Le Bleu villas includes the Sky, Sea, Azure, Cerulean, Indigo, Aqua, Sapphire, Comflower and Perriwinkle bedrooms. They all have air conditioning, TVs, iPod docking stations and Wi-Fi access. The villa also has a home theatre, a gym, kitchenette, tennis court, kayaks, Jacuzzi and beach. It offers computer access, telephone, fax machine, a baby crib and everything else you might need.You can enjoy relaxing and fun moments here at prices between USD $5,071 – $14,142.