The luxurious Esplanade bath furniture collection

This is the Esplanade collection. It’s the result of the collaboration between German-Russian designer Sergei Tchoban and Duravit, a leading supplier of bathroom ceramic, bathroom furniture and accessories. The collaboration was very successful and the result was this very beautiful and luxurious collection.

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Esplanade is an opulent collection of bathroom furniture. It features very interesting elements and a very original and interesting approach to the regular bathroom furniture design. In fact, in this collection the toilet becomes an armchair, the tub a chaise lounge and the sink a chest of drawers. It’s like having a second living room in your bathroom.

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All these elements and fixtures have been cleverly designed to resemble furniture. Many of them are paneled in oak veneers and they also feature unusual texture and material combinations such as porcelain and leather for example. All pieces from this collection feature minimalist design with straight, simple lines so the materials and the shapes are the only elements that make them pop. As for the price, it starts from $1,750 and goes as high as $10,000. It’s indeed a unique collection and it would make any bathroom look stylish. However, it would have to be a large bathroom because none of those luxurious pieces would look good in a small and crowded space.