The luxurious Cunucu Arubiano Eco Lodge

Here’s yet another luxurious holiday location to add to your list. This one is called Cunucu Arubiano Eco Lodge and it’s located in the Santa Lucia region in Aruba. It’s a chic Eco-lodge located in a tranquil area that offers privacy and peace together with home-comfort and impressive views.

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The resort consists of three free-standing one-bedroom luxury villas, which is not that impressive in size but it compensates with the benefit that the location and the interior comfort offer. It’s a very relaxing resort and it’s surrounded by nature which makes it even more alluring. It sits less than 10 miles from the airport. It’s also relatively close to the finest restaurants on the island |(only 10 minutes drive) and from the nearest beach (two minutes).

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This resort constitutes a particularly charming vacation retreat and a great stop for travelers. Each villa reflects architectural influences of the old Aruban and Dutch styles of early 19th century family-dwellings. The atmosphere there is very inviting and pleasant. The villas include modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.

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Moreover, each villa has its own private patio and large windows that capture the mesmerizing views. Visiting this unique resort would be real adventure. It would give you the opportunity to relax and spend moments in a very beautiful location while also experiencing the culture and the unique traditions in the area.