The Luxurious Bequia Beach Hotel

This is Bequia Beach Hotel, a luxurious getaway located in the Grandines. The hotel has been built from scratch by entrepreneur Bengt Mortstedt. He used many ideas that he gathered during his extensive travels all over the world. He used those as inspiration and came up with this unique building.

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The hotel features a modern Colonial style. It’s elegant, luxurious, stylish and it also has a unique charm from the 50s. This incredible hotel is situated on one of the finest beaches on Bequia. It offers panoramic views of the other Grenadine islands and the clear blue water. The hotel is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to relax, to experience unique adventures and to have a taste of the delicious local cuisine.

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The island of Bequia is a unique location. It’s one of the few places where you can admire the unspoiled nature and the charming surroundings. The hotel offers 10 charming rooms with views over the garden, the pool and the sea. There are also 11 ocean views suites, 14 beachfront suites and 4 two-bedroom villas plus family and penthouse suites. The hotel also offers several restaurants where guests can enjoy local cuisine right on the beach. It’s a very elegant hotel, with a beautiful classic architecture and luxurious interiors. The views of course are amazing.