The luxurious Amanzoe Villas in Greece

The Amanzoe Villas are a beautiful project in Greece. It’s comprised of a series of luxury villas and a hotel which will open in September. This exclusive luxury development is one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece. The exquisitely-designed villas are evry elegant and stylish and feature contemporary decors.

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This wonderful resort offers 38 suites and, even though it’s still a work in progress, it’s already very beautiful and promising. Also, the Aman Hotel which will open in September will complete the resort. This beautiful five star retreat is indeed very beautiful and it’s a unique destination for all those who seek to spend their summer admiring the sea, the amazing landscape while relaxing in any one of these chic villas.

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The villas were designed by architect Ed Tuttle and they are scattered around these ancient olives groves and terraced hillsides. They have views of the Argosaronic Gulf and they will soon be serviced by the Aman boutique hotel. Each villa will be managed by their own staff and they offer access to the hotel’s facilities. The resort also features a series of private pools and terraces. The villas can be purchased by any interested buyer and the owners will be happy to know that their acquisitions will be taken care of by the hotel’s staff team residing on=site.