The Lujan Black House in Delaware

This simple and yet imposing residence is located in Ocean View, Delaware. It was designed by architect Robert M. Gurney. The Lujan house was intended as a harmonious combination between the picturesque landscape and a more intimate environment. The architect manage to create a plan that incorporates expansive openings to the private garden and smaller openings towards the landscape. This way the inhabitants can get a sense of privacy while also being able to enjoy the direct connection to nature.

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The house has a rather simple design but it manages to stand out with its quiet elegance. The Lujan house features a tall box-shaped design. It has been painted black and it has a modern aspect. The barrier between interior and exterior, between privacy and openness is nearly invisible and yet well-defined. The house was conceived as a series of box-shaped structures that contribute to overall modern look.

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Because the residence was also intended to capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape, it has also been equipped with a lot of large windows. These provide plenty of natural light and also allow expansive views. The Lujan house also has high ceilings and spacious rooms. The furniture is modern and comfortable and the décor is simple, sleek and, in a way, luxurious. The residence also includes a garden without which it would have really been incomplete.