The Log House designed by Piet Hein Eek

What can be more inspiring than being part of the nature itself? An inspired mobile home of modern design well fit into the surrounding woods. It is indeed a simple yet inspired designed of the modern day rustic cabin. This amazing design of rustic cabin was built for a musician, Hans Liberg, by Piet Hein Eek. In which, Hans Liberg had been seeking for a calming and inspiring place for playing his music, a studio of the stacked wooden logs.

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This rustic cabin was built the cross-sections of the wooden logs, and with windows allowing the flow of lights going through the whole rustic cabin from all different directions. Then within the rustic cabin is exactly what the musician Hans Liberg needed to survive, an amazing warmth and nice music recording studio. It is indeed cannot be more inspiring than recording and playing music inside a stacked wooden logs.

There won’t be any chance that Liberrg won’t find any inspiring. Where ever there is inspiration, where ever there is magic, there will be Liberg playing music with this inspired wooden rustic cabin that made especially for him. This wheeled rustic cabin together with his music will bring him to where he is going in the road of music.