The Loftbox 101 Unusual Space Creator

Here is the Loftbox 101 which is a unique and unusual space creator that can be used in lofts, warehouses and homes with unpartitioned floors to create space divisions in them. The Loftbox 101 comes with a TFT monitor for those who need a private meeting space. The gorgeous cool looking design that folds out from a mobile rectangular box that can be used for seating, to an opened table and facing chairs, for private conversations.

Rainer graff loftbox 1 8CDct 65View in gallery

It’s a very interesting creation. When it’s folded it looks like a simple rectangular box, with no details or decorations. It can be used as a coffee table or a seat. Nothing surprising about that. But when you unfold it you will be amazed of what you can create just by using that small box. It unfolds into a very beautiful room divider, with seats and even a small coffee table in the middle. It’s like that small version laboratory that Dexter used to have in one of the episodes from the Cartoon series.

Rainer graff loftbox 2 V3vSX 65View in gallery

It really seems unreal. You have to see for yourself to be convinced. But once you do, you fall in love with it. It’s one of the most amazing expandable pieces. It could be very useful when you need a private space for a meeting and there’s no separate room for that. You can just use your own private system to create one.{found on source 1 and 2}