The ‘Linger a Little Longer’ thermochronic table and benches by Jay Watson

It’s amazing how one small detail can make a piece of furniture so intriguing and unique. To give a concrete example, we’re going to take a closer look at the new table and bench collection designed by Jay Watson. The Oxfordshire-based bespoke furniture designer created the ‘Linger a Little Longer’ furniture set.The set features a table and matching benches.

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Apparently, they are plain and simple furniture pieces.They are made of solid, locally sourced chestnut timber and have a minimalist design that goes beautifully with their black finish and clean, simple lines. But what makes this collection unique is not the design or the materials. It’s in fact the finish. The table and the benches feature a thermochronic finish that responds to heat. This way, the user’s body and any dining accessories placed on the table leave a mark in the point of contact.

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Heat sensitive furniture by jay watson2View in gallery

When the lacquered surfaces come in contact with something and when they reach 27degrees, the heat resulted creates all sorts of patterns that remain there. They are marks that disappear in time, once the temperature descends. It’s a very interesting idea but it might not be very useful when you’re trying to conceal your presence. The table can accommodate 6 to 8 persons and has a deep black finish when at room temperature. The same goes for the benches. Other colors and timbers are also available on request.