The Lily Chair by Arne Jacobsen

I have always said that we, people, find inspiration in the world around us and we learn many new and interesting things from it. For example a talented and creative designer like Arne Jacobsen got inspired by a lily flower to create an amazing armchair. The shape of the backrest is completed by that of the arm rests and they all make up a complete picture resembling a lily flower. Even though a similar version of the chair was in production back in the 70s, this improved  versionalso belongs to Arne and looks a bit more futuristic and also delicate, uses more modern material like veneer and  chromed steel for the legs.

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The item is now available in three colors: white, red and black. The manufacturer, Fritz Hansen, allows you to purchase it online on their web site, for the price of 1670 euro. Even though I think this chair can be really comfortable, I think the price and the aspect recommend it as a part of the room design rather than a piece of furniture.

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