The Las Flores modern apartment in Mexico City

Las Flores was a project conducted by Central de Arquitectura, a Mexico City-based design studio. It consisted in the creation of a luxury apartment building located on Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos, Mexico City. It’s a contemporary building that was completed in 2008. It’s composed of two distinct towers. They are both oriented towards south-east in order to take advantage of the splendid views. The buildings are surrounded by trees and offer views of the city’s volcanoes.

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The atmosphere in that particular area is very tranquil and it gives you a sense of isolation even though you’re surrounded by other buildings and people. The two towers have 13 levels each. They share an identical exterior design and basically the same internal structure as well. Each tower includes 25 apartments, three basements, a lobby and 122 parking spaces. Some of the apartments have large balconies with glass railings and large sliding glass doors separating them from the interior areas.

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The apartments with double height ceilings include a spacious dining and living room, two cozy bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a kitchen, a TV room, one half bathroom, a service room with a full bath and a laundry room. The interiors are modern and simple. The rooms are large and either private or semi-divided and the materials used for the interior decors include mostly wood and glass. The apartments have spotlights in the ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass walls in the social areas that provide magnificent views of the city.