The La Bande a All in One Seat and Recliner Modular Furniture

Modular furniture popularity grows day by day, and I try to cover all this grate furniture. The La Bande was designed by Sarah Lovgren and can be modified to be used as both a seat and a recliner. The project was developed in collaboration with Franzi Kohlhoff, the modular furniture La Bande splits up into 2 different sections at one end of the band, while the longitudinal split and the flexibility of the material allows the two sections to bend separately to form space.


I like modular furniture. There’s something about it that is very appealing, mostly because of the functionality. And this design is particularly attractive. The simplicity and functionality are simply amazing. Of course, this piece is not for everyone. It’s a very modern furniture piece, with a contemporary design. It looks very artistic and abstract but it’s actually a very comfortable and easy to use piece.



It would make a great addition to a modern home. The color used is a light tone of beige, a neutral choice that allows you to incorporate it into the interior design without any problems. Furthermore, it can be accessorized with some colorful pillows to add some color and fun to the design. It doesn’t look like it has a definite shape so it allows you to use your imagination and creativity to create your own design or to adjust it in order to be more comfortable and to suit your needs.