The Karuselli armchair by Yrjö Kukkapuro

The Karuselli armchair might seem like an odd piece of furniture at first sight. It doesn’t have an unusual shape. However, it wasn’t all for the looks. The odd shape of the shell was carefully designed to follow the human body’s shape and to offer the maximum of comfort to the user. All that was then combined with beautiful curved lines and an aesthetically-pleasing design.

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The Karuselli armchair was designed for Avarte. It was designed by Yrjö Kukkapuro back in 1964. It’s one more piece of furniture that proves that if you have imagination and vision you can create a timeless design that will still be perceived as modern even 30 or 40 years later. Of course, a few modifications were made to the design of this armchair but the main idea remained the same.

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The Karuselli armchair is a piece of furniture that combines style with comfort in an almost perfect way. IT has a simple design and an interesting shape. This makes it eye-catching but also versatile. Karuselli is a swiveling and swinging lounge chair. It features a fiberglass shell and base with steel swing bracket. The overall dimensions of the chair are H 920 x W 800 x D 975 mm. The stylish Karuselli armchair also comes with a matching footstool for increased comfort. It’s available in either fabric or leather upholstery, matte of glossy and the colors differ as well.