The “Jumping the Broom” House on Martha’s Vineyard

Living at the countryside has its benefits.Look at this mansion on Martha’s Vineyard for example.If you like living on the lake,in  a quiet area surrounded by nature this is the place for you.The truth is that this is not an ordinary villa.This imposing building stands out of the box by its dimensions, which are not precisely small and by the refined taste found in the design and decorations.

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This mansion is the perfect example of an american home: tall,imposing with big white windows and a front porch, the perfect place for breakfast or dining or maybe for reading a book in a swing chair.The most appreciate feature of this house is the intimacy and the fact that you can perform any activity you like and nobody would ever complain about the noise or anything else.No nosy neighbors and plenty of space around the house to do everything you want.

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The acces  is done trough a  pretty long road separating  the house from other properties.Like in any typical american home neutral colors like white and beige contrasting beautifully with maroon and grey used scarcely not to take away  the brightness and the  refinement  of the building.

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Although it is a huge house the interior doesn’t look empty at all, by the contrary, the house is filled with warm materials, wooden floors and  stairways and combined with paintings and decorative plants create a certain owner’s touch.Every single room in this house is proportional and well designed and decorated to create a perfect ambiance, a place which anyone can call home.