The Japanese food Heaven

Who doesn’t like Japanese cuisine? With a variety of fish and of course with their famous sushi, the Japanese chef’s know how to bring happiness to our taste buds. But imagine if you’ll have the chance to eat Japanese food in a very special restaurant from Sydney, Australia. The luxurious lounge was made by the architects of Facet Studio and the design team was formed by Yoshihito Kashiwagi, Olivia Shih, Neo Di Sheng and Benjamin Chan.

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The main idea of this restaurant is to focus on the light that is assured by a 13m ribbon of light in the middle of the dining area, floating without any support. It is attached only to the ceiling.Because of the dark painted walls and ceilings, the room looks just like a place in space. In fact, the whole concept of this restaurant is based on viewing the things around like floating and like they don’t have solidity.

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And the owner’s demand for the costumers is to concentrate only on enjoying the food and consuming the drinks without thinking at the surroundings.And for that, they placed in the middle of the main room, under the big lamp, the only one that provides light, a massive 8.4m x 1.6m table. So, the customers share the same table and they have the same benefits. The distance between those in front of you is a big one so you still have intimacy.

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And, because the only thing you see is the strong light and the table, you concentrate yourself on appreciating the food you receive, without looking around at the other people. It is a nice place for a nice dinner with your loved one or with your friends, but, don’t forget, you have to concentrate your senses on the amazing Japanese food that you receive.