The Jane Floor Light Collection from Serralunga

In interior design isn’t always just about furniture and colors. Lights are also very important not only for your use, but also for ambiance. A nice lamp can change the whole aspect of a room, not only by night, when it’s lighted, but also by day. This is why the shape, dimension and color of the lamp and light are very important.

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Three models of stylish lamps are offered by Serralunga. They were created by Marc Sadler in 2007 and are named Lady Mary, Miss Jane and Lady Jane. Probably their harmonious shape made their creator to name them after women.  Lady Jane and Lady Mary have 2 meters and Miss Jane has 1,5 meters. This way, depending on your room’s height you’ll know that type to purchase.

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The lamps have a futuristic design, although the shape imitates an old fashion lamp.  Its structure is made from LLDPE (polyethylene) and has some additives against UV rays. Although the structure is mad o plastic, the material is very resistant. The best part is that it is recyclable, too.

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The thing that makes the charm of this type of lamp is the scenographic effect of light and shade given by lacquered surface. It seems the main structure is decorated with a lighten wire. These lamps look amazing in any room. You can place them into the living room, an office or a club. Not only by night they will fabulously glow, but they will also elegantly decorate your room by day.