The Intriguing Casa Equis With Rooftop Pool In Peru

This is Casa Equis, a unique and very impressive mansion located at La Escondida Beach, in the province of Canete, Peru. The mansion was a project by Barclay & Crousse Architecture and it features an original and very interesting design. When seen from outside, the mansion doesn’t seem that different at first. But everything changes once you see the interior structure of the residence.

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Casa Equis sits on a 174 square meter site. It features a relatively simple but impressive exterior design that seems to naturally confound with the surroundings. The residence could be described as a series of interior and exterior spaces that are harmoniously combined and where the transition is very smooth from one area to the other.

Casa Equis Peru rooftop pool

The structure and the design of this mansion were also influenced by the climatic conditions and the geographical characteristics of the Peruvian coast. The residence has a beautiful open staircase that connects the terrace to the bedroom below. The exterior of the mansion features a sandy color that visually disguises the residence and makes it naturally confound with the landscape. Also, this hides the imperfections that come with the aging of the building that inevitably collects desert dust.

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The interior is the mansion is inviting. Intimate and cozy. It has large glass walls that allow panoramic views and there’s also a beautiful and large beach-like terrace and a spectacular suspended pool that extends towards the ocean that is definitely the most impressive element of this residence.{found on ArchDaily}