The innovative and intuitive Koeda faucet

Mixer tap designs have slowly replaced the traditional ones that initially had two taps, one for cold water and one for hot water. These designs allow us to mix hot and cold water more easily and to achieve the desired temperature in a more simple and practical way. But just because they basically invaded our homes doesn’t mean they are perfect. In fact, it was about time someone pointed out their flaws and improved their design.

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It’s exactly what Koeda does. Koeda is a new type of faucet that takes the stereotypical mixer tap and improves upon it. It’s a redefined version of the mixer and it impresses on both technical and aesthetical levels. Koeda was designed to be intuitive and it brings several improvements compared to other types of mixer taps. First of all, it provides a simplified dial control. The user simply has to rotate the dial in a clockwise motion in order for the water temperature to gradually change from cold to hot.

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The water pressure flow will also gradually increase as the dial is rotated further. This mechanism means that users will be less likely to accidentally turn up water flow and this way to waste excess water. It prevents them from wasting precious water and it does that in a subtle and functional way. Koeda also has an aerator that manages the directional flow of the water and softens its texture. It features 6 LED lights powered by 2 lithium cells and they change color from light sky blue to warm orange and then to a dark searing red. The colors indicate the mix of hot and cold water. The design is very simple and flawless. Koeda is handcrafted in porcelain and has a beautiful white finish. Koeda was designed by ShanShan Wang and was the 2012 Reece Bathroom Innovation Award student prize winner.