The innovative FAB28 fridge by Smeg

Regardless of the field or domain, the element of surprise is what impresses the public and brings new admirers. That’s because people love new things, things that have never been done before and that impress with their simplicity and strangeness. To support this affirmation, we have found this innovative model of refrigerator.The FAB28 fridge is offered by Smeg. As expected, they managed to impress us with their creative thinking and their way of creating something extraordinary out of ordinary elements.

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This model has a design that brings together two iconic elements, the fridge and the denim. Independently they are each iconic figures and elements that everyone uses on a daily basis, all over the world. It would seem logical for two such common elements to be brought together.

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The fridge is entirely covered in denim. The design features soft and rounded edges and an overall simple image that impresses not with small details but with the choice of material and finish. This model is a limited edition and only 500 pieces have been made. The inventive design as well as the originality in choosing the materials has made this fridge a legendary creation even if it’s quite fresh. It’s one of those creations that make you rethink everything you knew about a certain item and that instantly inspire you to try to come up with similar ideas.