The Ingenious Gourmet Tea shop

The Gourmet Tea is a tea shop that seems to appear out of nowhere. In reality it’s just hidden behind a series of colorful panels. The idea is very clever and ingenious. It’s a design inspired by the popular food trucks and their way of opening up revealing space you didn’t think existed. This type of flexible design and space was the main inspiration for the shop.

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The shop is located in Sao Paolo and it’s a tiny space. Three fourths of the space is occupied by the products. They just pop out of nowhere and they invade the shop. The panels are pulled out or they simply open like doors, revealing lots and lots of storage space, shelves and other elements. The middle area contains the counter space and it opens just like the food trucks. The rest of the panels are pulled out.

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Not only that this apparently monolithic structured has a lot of secrets hidden inside it, but it also has an eye-catching design. The exterior is divided into several geometrical shapes/panels and they feature different colors combined randomly. There’s no order or system. It’s like a puzzle and everything fits perfectly. Given the attractive look of the shop, it’s a great way of attracting looks and thus customers. It’s also a way of making the shop easily-recognizable and popular.