The ingenious and mind-bending Wormhole Chair

The Wormhole Chair is one of the most creative and ingenious pieces of furniture. More than that, it’s a very practical and functional chair. Wormhole is a flat-pack chair with a very simple but very creative design. The chair was created by Moscow-based designed Igor Lobanov. The name of the chair is very suggestive for its design.

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The Wormhole chair consists of two identical frames. The racetrack-shaped pieces feature an elastic material and they have zippers running around their edges. The pieces also have two holes in the center. In order to create the chair you just have to fold each piece into a C shape. Then zip on interior circle to the one from the other side. After that, all you have to do is zip the two pieces together and you get the Wormhole Folding Chair.

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Not only that the chair features a very creative design but it’s also a very practical piece of furniture. It’s ideal for a modern but small home. The chair is very easy to store when not needed. It’s a great extra seat and it has a really interesting look. It’s a casual piece of furniture that can quickly become a centerpiece. The Wormhole chair has colorful zippers and it’s available in three color shades: blue, white and a shade of grey. Use them separately of form a set. The chairs are practical and comfortable and they make great accent pieces as well.