The Impressive Royal Mansour Hotel

This stunning luxury hotel is located in Marrakech, Morocco. It’s calledRoyal Mansour Hoteland it has been presented in the 2011 edition of the Best of the Best List features in the Robb Report. The hotel is a very impressive addition to the city as it basically recreates the Moroccan imperial splendor.

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The hotel is surrounded by imposing red clay walls that basically hide it from the public eye. Behind those imposing walls there’s a network of lanes and squares and impressive courtyard palaces that have been built throughout the medieval center. Between the structures there are ponds, fountains, clusters of olive trees and other serene decorations.

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As expected, the architecture of the hotel is both impressive and unique. The hotel is a symbol of he local culture, a mark of the city’s great artistic heritage that manages to keep the traditions alive and does that in a luxurious way. The décor is exceptional .

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It’s so interesting how all the artistic heritage and traditional architectural details borrowed from Marrakech’s most impressive buildings have been all included in the hotel’s structure without avoiding all the modern improvements. The Royal Mansour Hotel is definitely the best place to visit and to stay at during your vacation in Morocco. It would be really sad to miss such an opportunity.