The importance of light in shops

The light is a very important thing in a shop’s look. The way how in some stores light is highlighting some products is not such an easy job. They require designers. The ‘Re Lighting’ is made by Reggiani. For this people that create the ‘Re Lighting’ process the system is a way of thinking and then puts their thoughts into practice.

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‘Re Lighting’ is a way that products seem more important, and it’s a way of presenting them to the costumers so it goes beyond fashion. For example when you see a product striped down till the stitch, well that is a cool way to promote your brands, using special lights just like that. The thing is the ‘Re Lighting’ systems are very durable, and the technology is constantly evolving, so we could expect wonderful changes in the near future.  The ‘Re Lighting’ lighting design is being used all over the world, in countries like:Italy,Dubai,England, USA etc.

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The ‘Re Lighting International Forum’ is a place where people meet, industry experts, for conferences, workshops, plus they try the most new technologies in the system. The ‘Forum’ leads to solid partnerships between customers, designers and lighting designers. I think the ‘Re lighting’ system could go well in your apartment, or house, as well as in shops. You could set them exactly on where you wish the light to beat, so that furniture or a decoration inside your home will highlight.{found on frameweb}.