The Image of Elegance – Tivoli Console Table

There are objects that impress through their presence, no matter how simple or complex they are. Tivoli Console can be included in this category, no matter the point of view you are looking at it. It does not matter if you want to have it because it has something intriguing that you want to own or because you really need such an object for small items, it is definitely a good option for a furniture piece.

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The six drawers are the perfect place to store all kinds of details, thus Tivoli Console proving to be not only a beautiful object, but also a useful storage space for the entire family. The long turned legs, the deep overhanging top and the graceful profile are the reminiscent part of European country furniture.

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In spite of its simplicity, this table is the perfect space for all sorts of things, not only in its drawers, but also on its entire surface and under it, being ideal for art objects, photos, books, boxes, candles, flowers, lamps… It is the perfect example of simplicity and elegance and in spite of the fact that it has many objects, it does not seem to be overloaded. The price for such an object finished by hand in the exclusive Tuscan Chestnut or Artisanal Black Stain is of 383.38 Euro. It is definitely worthy!