The IllyTemporary Shop Interior Design

This is a temporary shop that Caterina Tiazzoldi has designed for coffee brand Illy. The shop is located in Milan Italy and it features a very intriguing design. The concept of this space is conceived for a reconfigurable store so that it would be possible to recreate it when a final location will be chosen.

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The space is characterized by different modulations of a single element. It’s a basically a conglomerate of cubes with a 45 x 45 cm-squared base. The combinatory logic – inspired by genetic algorithms process – permits to perform over 3000 configurations of the same object. It’s a very strange but also a very interesting and unique concept for a shop. There is a total of 200 cubes in there, specifically designed to adapt to the different dimensional composition of Illy Café’s products.

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The table, the desk counter, the storage units, the lighting system, the video frames, the communication devices and the recycling bins are all made of the same units. The modular cubes can be reconfigured and this makes them extremely versatile. The interior décor is very disorientating. It can expand and change its look and it’s a mysterious and intriguing space. The customers get the impression that they’re in a sort of game where they always discover something new and where their sight quickly changes from one side to the other.