The Ice Hotel in Sweden

We work work every day all through the year, dreaming for the day when we will go on holiday some place nice where to stay, relax, enjoy nice scenery and activities and preparing for the upcoming year of work. Most people go to exotic places that are very popular these days like the Caribbean or  Hawaii, but if you want to have an unforgettable experience in an unusual but amazing place, I suggest you visit the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Situated 200 km north from the Arctic Circle, this hotel has a unique and incredible architecture, as it is made entirely of ice and snow. Everything in it is made of ice, including the beds, the pillars that support the archways inside the rooms, the bar, the glasses full of cocktails on the ice tables, the chairs and even the sculptures and other nice art pieces displayed inside the hotel. Even the “fireplace” is made of ice and, of course, there’s no fire inside.

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There are the traditional influences of the natives who lived in igloos and covered the walls and beds with animal skins, but you can also see some modern influences in the ice sculptures and the different geometrical shapes carved in ice that embellish the rooms.

It’s a fascinating place and you feel like stepping inside a story book, living and not reading “Snow Queen”.